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Pediatric Care

At Badr Al-Samaa, we provide specialized healthcare services for children and newborns in their homes. We focus on the child's health and development by monitoring their physical and neural growth and providing comprehensive healthcare. Our goal is to create a safe and nurturing environment for the child's healthy development.

Pediatric Care

Badr Al-Samaa's specialized nurses provide the following services for Pediatric Care:

  • Monitoring pregnancy and postnatal care.

  • Comprehensive care for mothers.

  • Comprehensive care for newborns.

  • Monitoring physical and neural development.

  • Measuring length, weight, and head circumference.

  • Regular temperature and heart rate measurements.

  • Providing breastfeeding and general nutrition.

  • Infant hygiene, bathing, and diaper changing.

  • Providing a safe sleeping environment.

  • Offering first aid in emergencies.

  • Child health awareness services.

  • Umbilical cord care and eye care.

  • Preventing skin rashes.

  • Training mothers in childcare.

Benefits and features of the service:

  • Providing specialized healthcare for children in a comfortable home environment.

  • Precise monitoring of the child's growth and health development.

  • Providing comprehensive care for mothers during and after pregnancy.

  • Offering emergency medical care and health education.

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