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Elderly Care

At Badr Al-Samaa, we provide specialized care for the elderly in their homes, including healthcare and assistance with daily living, with a focus on their comfort and safety.

Elderly Care

Badr Al-Samaa's specialized nurses provide the following services for elderly care:

  • Care for cracks and skin wounds.

  • Repositioning and adjusting the lying position to prevent bedsores.

  • Regular monitoring and recording of medications.

  • Monitoring and measuring blood sugar and pressure.

  • Personal hygiene, bathing, and continuous diaper changing.

  • Assistance with eating and regular fluid intake.

  • Safe mobility assistance within the home.

Our medical services include:

  • Specialized nursing services around the clock.

  • 24/7 nurse accompaniment.

  • Special care for the elderly, bedridden, and stroke patients.

  • Special care for people with special needs.

  • Comprehensive care for diabetes, hypertension, and chronic diseases.

  • Treatment evaluation, health monitoring, and infection prevention.

  • Provision of nursing care and comfort measures after surgeries.

  • Bedside bathing and bed cleanliness.

  • Installation of solutions and urinary catheterization.

  • Nutrition through feeding tube.

  • Organization and administration of medications.

  • Administration of injections and prescribed antibiotics.

  • Wound care and treatment for brain and spinal cord injuries.

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